Friday, 24 June 2011

First Nokia Windows Phone Announced

Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop, has announced the first ever Nokia Windows Phone codenamed: 'Sea Ray.' The phone was announced at an event where Elop asked for all recording equipment and cameras be switched off as he didn't want the video to 'hit the blogosphere.' None-the-less, a few people kept their cameras on and the phone was unveiled. To take a look at the full 20 minute video of the announcement, just go to who decided to continue to film the event and announcement (it will most likely be removed).
Mango has 500 new features that will work hand in hand with the new Nokia Windows Phone. The phone has many exciting features. One very interesting feature is the ability to book your ticket with British Airways. You will see a virtual plane to allow you to choose your seat and you will have the ability to upgrade your seat if you want. You will then be able to confirm your booking and save the e-ticket on your phone for online or offline viewing so you can walk to the airport and basically 'check in with your phone.'
The phone will run Internet Explorer 9 with full capability as a PC. It will allow HTML5 content and HTML5 videos, slowly reducing the use of flash. There is clean, seamless, multi-tasking allowing you to switch between apps at any point.
Nokia did mention that Nokia Apps would also be integrated in to the phone, so you will see Nokia Maps. Also, it was mentioned that 'Sea Ray' was one of the many Nokia Windows Phones being made and that consumers will have a range of phones to choose from.
Take a look at this clip from, of the appearance of the phone:

Go to to see the full video.
Sounds Exciting, doesn't it? Or will Android and Apple continue to dominate the market?

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