Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Samsung Galaxy Q: Tabphone?

Samsung are back again with something even better than the Galaxy S2...
This time they plan to bring the two most popular gadgets in the world together into one device, the Samsung Galaxy Q. It will be half phone, half tablet; likely to release at this year's IFA 2011 in September (that is if all rumours are correct).
The 'tabphone' will come equipped with 5.3" Super AMOLED screen which we all know will be massively impressive after the great success of the Samsung Galaxy S. No reports yet whether it will be Super AMOLED Plus but if Samsung plan to keep standards high, we may just see that stunning screen which we saw on the Galaxy S2.
T3 suggests that it will have a dual-core processor, most likely over 1.2GHz and have a very slim build. It is reported that the Galaxy Q will have 3G radio and US customers will get 4G, but we don't know yet whether the 3G will be data only or also allow calls.
Since it is a mobile phone, tablet merge, we won't know if it will run Gingerbread or Honeycomb. Earlier this year Google announced the highly anticipated Android OS; Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0. We may even see this version running on this 'tabphone' as Google said Ice Cream Sandwich will be a standard platform for all devices...
The official release date is yet to be announced but if it isn't released at IFA 2011 in September than we could expect it before or around Christmas time. 2011 has proved to be very popular in the rise of Tablets and Smartphones and Samsung will definitely take advantage of the Christmas spending. The price has also not been announced but should be around the same price as the Galaxy Tab and Galaxy S2.
What are your thoughts? Is a 'tabphone' the right gadget for you?

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