Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich: The Details

Android 4.0 (or maybe 2.4 or 3.4, who knows) Ice Cream Sandwich was announced at Google's I/O event earlier this year.
Google suggested it would become the standard platform across all android devices regardless of whether it's a tablet or phone. Most devices will get the update eventually to create a sense of high standard.
Release Details
Google has said that Android '4.0' will release around Thanksgiving time in the US. This means all tablets and phones trying to hit the market in time for Christmas will most likely have the new version already running on it. It is not known as of yet when the update will be available for the UK and which devices will get it.

Which Phone is most likely to get it?
Lots of details about the supposedly 'Nexus 3' have released in the last couple weeks. Many people have rumored that the Nexus 3 will ship with the latest version of Android which is Ice Cream Sandwich. Reports also suggest that HTC will be the manufacturer of the phone although this has not been confirmed yet.

USB Hosting
It is understood that Android 4.0 will bring about USB Hosting which will allow you to use practically any device with the tablet ranging from an x-box controller for games to a keyboard/mouse for surfing and other things. You will also have the ability to integrate a USB device to work specifically with an app. So a heart monitor used with a fitness app, for example.

Tracks Your Face
Android 4.0 wil have the ability to track your face so instead of you trying to move around to get into the camera, the camera will auto-focus on to you instead. It will also be handy in video conferencing because the camera will move to you when you begin speaking and then move to whoever speaks so you don't waste time trying to move your phone or tablet every time the you want to focus it on someone in particular.

Tell us what you think? Are you looking forward to Android Ice Cream Sandwich?
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