Wednesday, 15 June 2011

iPhone 5: September 7th, 2011?

Well well well...sources suggest that, yes, September 7th is the date for the iPhone 5 release. Here are a few reasons why. Firstly, iOS 5 has already been announced and Steve Jobs has confirmed that the iPhone 5 will release in autumn. Now, usually the iPhone released at Apple's WWDC event which didn't happen. Apple's range of iPods release in autumn, so reports suggest that maybe Jobs wants iOS 5 to be ready to go on the iPhone 5 and also the iPod Touch. But, another thing to consider is that iPod Classic's and Nano's in comparison to the iPod Touch are becoming less popular which could suggest that Apple may be trying to get rid of them? Just a thought. With the features available on iOS 5, it's very likely that they would want to release it with a new iPhone 5, to match. 

Some people are suggesting that the iPhone 5 will release in 2012, but hold on a sec. It has already been over a year since the iPhone 4 has released and the rate that Android phones are going at, Steve can't afford to wait that long. I don't think anybody would be willing to wait that long. Some people may argue that that is the reason for a late White iPhone 4 release. Hmmm....

We'll have to wait and see but you can use the information above to maybe help you decide whether you're going to wait for the iPhone 5 or go for something amazing like the Samsung Galaxy S II which personally I possess and I must say, WOW. 

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