Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Survey Suggests Most Android Users Hate Apple

As you can see from the graph above, most people would not want the iPhone. Is it because of the price? Antenna issues? Too Simple? See below, more results from the survey:

Here are the key points:
  • - Almost all of the survey participants already use smartphones
  • - The majority of participants use Android, with most of the rest using iPhones. (This is similar to the recent market-share figures from Comscore, although Android and iPhone appear to be over-represented and BlackBerry appears to be under-represented).
  • - Most survey participants are planning to upgrade to a new smartphone in the next year or two.
  • - Most participants say they will upgrade to the "latest, greatest" smartphone, not an older, cheaper one.
  • - Most survey participants are NOT planning to switch platforms when they upgrade
  • - Most participants say "features" and "platform" are the most important factors when choosing a smartphone. App selection is also important, but not as important as most people think.
  • - Most iPhone owners say they would buy an Android phone if there was an Android phone that was better in most key ways than an iPhone. This suggests the iPhone's feature lead still matters. It also suggests that the Apple platform does not have the "lock-in" that many Apple bulls believe. It also increases the pressure on the iPhone 5 to be a humdinger of an upgrade.
  • - Most Android users say they won't consider buying an iPhone because they "hate Apple."  (We'll explore why in a future survey).
  • - Most of the rest of Android users say they would consider buying an iPhone if iPhones worked better with non-Apple products.  This highlights the risk of Apple's closed system.
  • - Most iPhone owners already have the iPhone 4.
  • - Most iPhone owners are still planning to upgrade to the iPhone 5.
  • - Almost no participants are planning to buy a BlackBerry, a Windows Phone 7 phone, or Palm.

To see the graphs for which these results are based on visit: BusinessInsider: Full Survey

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