Thursday, 21 April 2011

Nokia Secure Microsoft Deal Cutting Annual Costs by £883m

Nokia saw its earnings fall less then expected in the first quarter but their new deal with Technology Gurus: Microsoft has seen that go up by 3%. Nokia's previous market share of 33% dropped by 4% due to high levels of increased technology from the likes of Apple and Samsung. But Nokia just got saved and their new deal with Microsoft will allow them to use the Microsoft OS in their Mobile Phones and maybe even tablets if they choose to go down that path. 

The deal will help Nokia greatly by cutting yearly costs by as much as £883 Million. As you can see in the picture above...the possibilities of what can happen next are endless and the door of opportunities has swung wide open for Nokia. 

There's no doubt that Microsoft will take full advantage of the deal as Nokia has always...well 95 times out of a hundred...brought out reliable and trustworthy products that customers are usually satisfied with. The only thing that's holding them back in this day and age, is/was Symbian. We'll keep you posted with potential products and innovations from Nokia and Microsoft so be sure to check back!

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